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Parque de la Reserva

Published on April 25, 2017 by admin


Much of Peru is desert, but in Lima, the city has managed to create a beautiful green oasis with water, water everywhere at the Parque de La Reserva in downtown Lima.

Set in over 20 acres (8 ha), this is the largest water park and also one of the highest in the world. It’s a most magical place, and worth two visits at least.

One in the day when the sun is shining and you can take in the beautiful grounds, the statues and see the fountains operate by day. If it’s hot, you might even want to get into one of the interactive ones to cool down. The park only opens at 15.30.

This photo shows a glimpse of the Park’s glorious gardens, fountain, art deco architecture and trees.

The other visit you must do is at night, when you can do a tour of the Circuito Magico de Agua (the magic water tour).

There are 13 such fountains:

  • The Magic Fountain is the largest of them all, shooting water 260 feet (80 m) into the air.
  • The Tunnel Fountain of Surprises is a 115-foot (35-m) walk-through tunnel of water. There’s a photo below of it.
  • the Children’s Fountain, made with kids in mind, where they can play in ever changing shapes of water.
  • The Fantasy Fountain, which has three shows every night, is a a 390-foot (120-m) long fountain and has jets synchronized with music. The shows are at 19:15, 20:15 and 21:30.
  • There are also the Fountain of Harmony, the Fountain of Life, and the Fountain of Desires.

Each one is choreographed to spray or shoot or flow water in a different way.Be prepared to ooh and ah as the fountains burst into a series of vivid colors, accompanied by music, lightning, laser effects and even a 3-d condor flying around! It really is magic. You may even get a history lesson about Peru or a video about Peru’s biodiversity and its culture.

This year, 2017, is the tenth anniversary of the park’s inauguration on 26 July 2007. If you happen to be in Lima on that date, expect something totally spectacular.


Bit of history…

The park itself is composed of two areas that are connected by a tunnel. It was constructed in 1929 in memory of those who served in the Pacific War. Today, as you walk through the tunnel you can read fascinating information about history, and strangely enough, also about conserving water. Perhaps a bit odd, considering this is a water theme park. But no doubt, the water in the Park is recycled.

The Park was later remodeled in 2007 as a way of improving the lives of the people of Lima by creating a safe and beautiful recreational space for people to gather in by day and at night. It involved rehabilitating more than 7 million trees, restoring all the existing statues in the park as well as the 23 original fountains.

The architecture of the Park itself is mostly in Art Deco, taking you back to the twenties with lots of geometric shapes and zigzags. You will also notice the Italian influence in some of the structures, such as the Gran Logia.


How to get there

The park is located right off the Estadio Nacional Metropolitano stop right in front of the National Stadium. The actual address is Madre de Dios, Lima but it also borders the street Petit Thours. There is parking inside the park but you can park outside.


Refreshments while in the Park

You can buy food from one of the kiosks in the park but there are many places to eat just outside that may take your fancy. There’s even a Starbucks close by, in case you’re from the US and are feeling a tad homesick.

There’s a delicious ice cream shop called Sarcletti close by, and if you’re ready for something a bit more substantial, try Pardos Chicken or Juan Valdez café.

Hope you enjoy it. Take a towel!

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