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Our Recommendation for Best Hotels in Lima Peru

Published on May 10, 2017 by admin


When travelling for business, especially when you are a regular mile-clocker, it is reassuring to know there are hotels that can cater to your needs.  Your needs on a business trip can be slightly different to when you are there purely for pleasure.  You will need a good resting place, a calming environment, but one that also caters to your gung-ho business attitude.  You want to be able to close deals, make connections, but also impress your colleagues and clients.


That seems like too much to ask for, but when you think about it, it is, in fact, just the right plan for a successful business trip.


We have collated a list of a few hotels in Lima, Peru, you can confidently book into when next on a trip in, or through this beautiful city.


And, even if you are not all about business, these selected gems, will tick all the boxes for a pleasurable trip too.  And besides, mixing business and pleasure can be done, with the right amount of planning.


Atemporal Hotel — Lima


Step back in time; to an era of nobility and courteous habits, we have a lovely option for you, the business traveller.  Of all the hotels in Lima Peru, the Atemporal Hotel boasts the most history and authenticity.

From the moment you raise your weary head to the Tudor-pitched gables and impeccably designed entrance, you will feel the hands of time draw you in, and give you a little welcome massage.


In fact, you may just think you have stumbled upon someone’s lavish, yet very warm, and welcoming home.  Lima Peru hotels are most definitely not conventional, and this honey just screams eccentric.


But, do not be worried, lest you think you have to experience a long-drop or a decrepit bed draped in crusty and tattered netting.  Oh no, my dears.  You are in for quite the treat.  The queen or king-sized beds are very confortable, as are the various furniture pieces; surrounded by modern gadgets, such as air-conditioning and smart TV’s.  But, alas, the modern smatterings do not take away from the endearing vintage appeal.


While you may be tempted to hibernate in your tranquil and very inviting room for the duration of your stay, mostly overlooking the pristine garden or the bustling streets of Lima, you will find the rest of the hotel very enticing as well.


Let us take you on a little mental journey.


Keeping with that art deco slash rococo theme, from the cool lounge to the ornate library upstairs, you will be enveloped in history, but with a lovely modern twist.


Afternoon tea will see you nibbling on delicious delectable tidbits, sipping on infused teas, and simply relishing in the midday sun, that creeps in through the passé, but charming windows.


And, if you were not quite convinced of the sumptuousness of one of the finest hotels in Lima Peru, then all you would need to do is take a look at the reviews posted by its many guests over the years.  Words like ‘a great modern hotel’ – ‘definitely worthy of five stars’ –  ‘excellent staff, good location’ – and ‘great hotel in the Miraflores District’ tell a real story.


On the note of the staff, well, it is something else to experience such refined and attentive service.  If you wanted to be feeling like you were royalty, then the Atemporal Hotel brings this to you in more ways than one.  Their gracious and accommodating staff go out of their way to make you feel at home, catering to your every need and desire.  It truly is paradise.


Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie, then you have to stay for the buffet breakfast and their scrumptious French pain au chocolat.  Oh, it is never too early to try a French chocolate dish!  Trust me!


Later the evening, you could venture out into Miraflores and further into the city of Lima, to explore the many delightful restaurants.  This you can do all on foot, a great way to walk the food off.


So, when you are next searching for hotels lima peru, be sure to take a chance on the Atemporal Hotel.  You will thank us later!

Hotel B — Lima


Take some art and a smattering of tourists, and you will find an outstanding little boutique hotel called Hotel B, a fantastic option when looking for Lima Peru hotels.

As it is with all boutique style hotels, you will find them to be quaint and intimate, but with a modern angle.  With only 10 exclusive rooms, you get to choose from Chamber, Atelier or Studio style, all equally beguiling and welcoming.  With the Atelier rooms, you get a little more with a spacious king-sized bed, a private terrace and a separate shower and bath.  Chamber and Studio differ in size but are both equipped with just as appealing décor, the latter offering only queen-sized beds, but still very roomy.


When it comes to dining, you are in for a surprise and a feast worthy of a king.  The La Gloria bistro-style restaurant situated in one of the finest Lima Peru hotels will have you booking a table every night.  Whether you decide to dine al fresco or snuggle up inside, admiring the artwork, you will be delighted at the menu options.


High tea, or ‘Lonche’, as its called, is a hotels Lima Peru favorite so don’t forget to take advantage of this complimentary service the Hotel B offers every afternoon.


Once you have had your fill of their divine dishes, take a much-needed walk down to the park that overlooks the magnificent ocean.  On the way, step into the many antique stores to purchase a Lima Peru hotels keepsake.  A treasure trove of modern and old school art forms, you will find yourself spending many hours walking in and out of the magnificant art venues on route.


Stay a night, stay a few nights, either way, you will fall in love with the wonder of just one of the hotels in Lima Peru, Hotel B.

Casa Andina Private Collection Miraflores — Lima

Whether you are passing through Lima for business or pleasure, you must take a gander at the Casa Andina Private Collection in Miraflores.  From all the hotels in Lima Peru, this modern designed hotel, makes you stop and take a deep breathe.  You will need to, believe me.


While you will have all your modern creature comforts, you can pretend just a little that you have stepped into a dystopia world.  To begin with, the inviting lobby bar and lounge section will daunt you a bit, with its high ceilings and airy feel, but once it fills up a bit, you will be right at home.  Locals and tourists alike just love the warm vibe here.


The architect who designed this gem in Miraflores, thought about warmth and contemporary styles, to beguile both the eyes and the senses.  Meals can be taken in the glassed-in patio or in the very swanky café next door.  Both boast stylish art with a mythical feel.


Should you want a birds-eye view of the beautiful city of Lima, then opt for one of their top floor suites, as you have 18 to choose from.  Modern amenities assist with your modern needs, from iPod docking stations, electronic safes; big enough for the storage of a laptop (which we recommend you use), flat screen televisions, wireless Internet, and bathrooms equipped with all your vanity requirements.


When you need to get some fresh air, opt to taking a walk along the safe streets into the shopping zone.  Or if walking is not your favorite pastime, the executive taxi will whisk you away, so you can enjoy the picturesque scenery whizzing on by.  Just a quick booking call will secure this ride.


When next on your business trip, or a quick leisurely stop over, Hotels Lima Peru should be your search words, and when Casa Andina Private Collection in Miraflores, Lima comes up, take a moment to ponder over why you should not book in.  You will find you won’t come up with many reasons at all.  From its indoor heated swimming pool and open-air ceiling, and to its four, very accommodating conference rooms, you may just stay a few extra days.

Country Club Lima Hotel

We all like a little spoiling from time to time.  And, when in need of hotels in Lima Peru, you will find that The Country Club Lima Hotel will suit your eccentric tastes just fine.  High ceilings, old style wooden struts, and modern glossy tiled flooring, will having you taking a moment to appreciate the beauty.  These combinations may sound a little garish, but just wait to you experience it all in person.

The hotel boasts an ornate and impressive entrance, which will lead you into their very stylish lobby.  Like with many Lima Peru hotels, you will feel like you are visiting someone’s home from days gone by.  The Baroque style décor and Spanish Colonial pieces are all genuine and most definitely worth stopping and gawking at.  The staff really won’t mind if you do.


Afternoon tea is always on the cards, so be sure to put a pin in your schedule for that event, where you can enjoy all the delectable morsels available, as well as get lost in the fine tunes from their resident pianist.


Once you have booked in, their waiting bell hoppers will take you to your elaborate, but cozy room.  Whether you opt for a single bed, king, or two-paired queen beds, you will love the look and feel of your space.  Marble-topped tables and similarly adorned bathrooms, spacious closets, and modern amenities; such as Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV’s, will have you spending quite a bit of time there.


But, do not get too comfortable please!  Fine dining is what the Country Club Lima Hotel does best, so be sure to book your spot at Perroquet, for an evening of decadence and lovely, deserved gluttony.


If you find you have a few minutes before your dinner appointment, take a load off in the English-style bar, for an icy G&T or one of their finely created cocktails.


When you arise from a restful sleep, consider a game of golf, which the concierge can arrange for you across the road. Golf is an excellent way to connect with a client, and many a famous deal has been sealed at the 19th hole.  If you prefer a sweatier relax, then possibly a quick workout and a relaxing sauna will do it for you.  And, let us not mention how a good sauna with a potential client can set the tone for a rewarding business relationship.


Whichever way you look at it, the Country Club Lima Hotel has a place in the search engines for Hotels in Lima Peru, so best you book early to avoid disappointment.

JW Marriott Hotel & Stellaris Casino — Lima


When it comes to pure business hotels in Lima Peru, the JW Marriott Hotel & Stellaris Casino sits high on the list.  Another high is their location, which simply put is on top of cliff.  Even the lengthy exterior lends a certain Wall Street feel to it.  And, it is on that note, that we must mention the very American ambiance to this Lima Peru hotels option.

A quick glance outside will have you open-mouth-gaping at the magnificent view of the ocean and seafront.  Further along the coastline, you will see the real American foodie selections, from TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut and KFC, to mention a few.  A much-needed break from acquisitions and mergers can be had out there with some true comfort food.


Right off the mark, as you enter the glass-adorned building, you will notice the business-like décor and preciseness of the architecture.  This is the place to make deals, spend some well-earned money, or better yet, make some dough.  The lobby is quite the centerpiece of the hotel, with its fashionable sunken fountain and swanky bar.  If you wanted to impress, well, then this is the place to do it.


For a working lunch, try their restaurant, with its eye-popping sea views and mix of Peruvian and American meal offerings.


When you have had enough, and need to unwind in peace, your room will prove to be quite accommodating.  Modern conveniences, such as Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV’s, minibars and coffee machines, will have you settling in quite nicely in no time.  Most of the rooms have either king or queen-sized beds, but if you’re happy with two twins, be sure to advise management.  It will save you a penny or two, for sure.


However, if you find you are in need for an upgrade for yourself or a business partner, then consider one of the 12 junior suites or a Presidential suite.  They are well worth the extra spend.


For your pleasure and timeout, there is an awesome gym, seasonal pool and tennis court facilities.  And, if you are in need of a bit of pampering after a hard day at the “office” then head on down to the sauna and massage room.  Again, sauna’s can prove to be the best boardroom table for a good deal.


For a real hair-let-down, the Casino is always on tap, so be sure to put your lucky hat on and have a blast.  Who knows, you may just meet your next big client there.


JW Marriott Hotel & Stellaris Casino are waiting for your booking.  From all the hotels Lima Peru searches, this gem will suit your business trip just fine.

Westin Lima Hotel — Lima


Its rustic.  Its cozy.  Its art deco meets antique vintage.


We just love the Westin Lima Hotel and we believe you will too.  From all the hotels in Lima Peru, the Westin caters to most.  No matter whether you are just passing through on a business trip, staying for a lengthy period of time, or simply are looking for a stay over before heading on home, this dive is to die for.

And we say dive very lightly, because the Westin Lima Hotel is, in fact, quite prestigious.  The architect, Tony Chi, didn’t hold back at all, throwing all his years of experience and ideas at this magnificent hotel.  And, we thank him for his forward-thinking manner.


Keeping with the authentic feel, that many of the Lima Peru hotels give, Tony added in a futuristic ambiance.  You will find, no matter how many times you pass the same room or window setting, a new and interesting piece to marvel over.  In fact, do yourself a favor, and really take the time to enjoy all the little add-ons he has, well, added on.


Linger in one of the two trendy lounges, have a whiskey at the U-shaped bar, and just be.  The décor is quite something else, and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t want to just sit and take it all in for a moment or two.  We are sure that this bar setting will appear in a futuristic movie soon, so keep an eye out.


When you feel the hunger bug settle in, check in to have a meal at Maras Restaurant, where the Peruvian chef will fill your plate with all the worldly delectable food choices you could ask for.  France, Italy and Spain are all featured on this impressive menu. So, arrive hungry!


Fancy a few therapeutic laps, well then head on to the indoor heated pool, where you can exercise in blissful peace.  Afterwards, lounge around on one of their wooden lounge beds, or take a spa treatment or two, just for the hell of it.  For the ladies, and for the men too, mind you, the beauty salon boasts most treatments, from manicures, pedicures to hair styling.


As this is a predominantly business hotel, the convention center is available for meetings and is equipped with a few computers for guest use.  Not many hotels cater for this and you would be wise to take advantage of it.


When it comes to your down time in your room, you have the choice of 10 suite options, ranging from standard to elite.  All the rooms are decorated with a Peruvian appeal, but still keeping with the modern necessities, such as a business desk, iPod docking station, 42-inch Television and a cordless phone.


With all this and more, you can be assured of a restful and profitable business stay.  The staff is friendly and professional, and you cannot fault the hotel on the photo-perfect views.


The hotels in Lima Peru are plenty, but few can cater to all walks of life, like the Westin Lima Hotel.  Book early, people!


Swissotel Lima


When in need of a little bit of sophistication and spoiling, but with a no-nonsense attitude, you will find yourself heading on over to Swissôtel Lima Hotel.

Lima Peru hotels all have a feel of professional servitude, catering to all your human needs.  And, this 18-storey high-rise is no different, with its super modern and built to impress architecture.


From the classical tunes enveloping you as soon as you enter the lobby, to the luxurious La Fondue restaurant, you will find yourself booking into this gem many a times over.


For morning and afternoon lengthy or quick meet ups, as well as languorous dinner engagements, the Swiss restaurant offers delectable fondues and an array of imported meats.  Should you wish to tantalize your tastebuds with local cuisine, then the café is the place to pop into.


Leisure time is always a part of any business trip, and you will find this in their heated pool or lazing with a book on one of their many chaise lounges, the cascading waterfall adding to the tranquillity.  For some sweaty workouts head to the fully equipped gym, or play a round of tennis with a colleague.  And, to add to the decadence, a sauna, lounge with board games, and a whirlpool, can be part of your stay.  Again, perfect for unwinding or for connecting on a different level with clients and colleagues.


Although the Swissôtel Lima Hotel doesn’t boast great views from their room’s windows, you will not have trouble settling in and getting all comfortable.  The amenities alone are impressive, from an iPod docking station to a honey-marbled bath.  As a business traveller, a suitably sized desk awaits you and your laptop, equipped with office supplies and a bright light for late night email catch-ups.  And to add to your all-nighters, the room service runs for 24 hours to assist with those midnight nibbles.  We understand this can be the way it rolls sometimes.


Should you wish for more than the standard amenities, then upgrade to a Presidential suite, with a walk-in closet, stereo system, TV and DVD combo, and a sauna come whirlpool bath.


Who says business trips should to be boring?

No reason why you shouldn’t indulge a bit, even when on a business trip.

Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort, Paracas


We thought we would add in this ostentatious resort-style hotel.  Although it is a few hundred kilometres outside of Lima, 250 to be exact, when it comes to extraordinary hotels in Lima, Peru, this one couldn’t be left out.


Hotel Paracas is a luxury resort, and you will see why in a few moments.  In essence, the 2-hour trip is so worth it.  We needn’t say more, but we will, so indulge us a bit.


Business can be made anywhere nowadays, and if you have a chance, consider this pretentious, yet welcoming hotel for your next business location.  Besides the business you will get done, Peru’s central coast boasts some amazing nature stop-offs, and the Hotel Paracas can add to your need for an off-the-grid experience.  Of the grid, but not off the radar, mind you.  Yes, there is Wi-Fi!


The hotel screams sophistication and their resident chef, Franco Rivadeneyra, will entice and surprise you with a mix of Mediterranean and Peruvian cuisine.  Further, you can try out Chalana Cebicheria and Ballestas restaurant, for more gastronomical choices.  You will not be disappointed.


For a pre-dinner drink with your colleagues or a client, stop off at the impressive Zarcillo Bar, offering popular cocktails, many fun drinks, and of course, contemporary mixes, from hard tack to wines of all flavours.


Whether you are there for a stop over, a wedding, or a business conference, this hotels Lima Peru option can provide you with exceptional and professional service and style.  High quality audio and video equipment, as well as the ability to cater to up to 500 people, means you can have all event needs covered, as well as any pleasurable after-parties too.


Do we need to say more?


All right, then we will.


Relaxing and having time out is part of every trip, whether you are all business or there for a holiday.  The spa is the perfect unwind solace, offering unique and very original treatments, but we won’t say more than that.


Go experience it for yourself.



In ending, we hope you have enjoyed our detailed inventory of business, come pleasurable hotels in Lima Peru.  We certainly have enjoyed exploring them on your behalf, and hope that when you do make your choice, you will let us know just how they faired in your eyes.


Thank you, and welcome to Lima, Peru!

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