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A short guide to Lima Peru Beaches

Published on May 10, 2017 by admin


When visiting Lima Peru Beaches

Although Peru is probably best known for Machu Picchu and the Amazon rainforest, the country has plenty more to offer. The city of Lima, in particular, is rich in culture, art, food, and beaches that won’t disappoint even the most seasoned of world travelers. Lima Peru beaches may not always be your first thought when thinking of tropical destinations, but during the summer months of December to April, they are incredibly warm and inviting. They are of course still a beautiful sight year-round, too!


Whether it’s for surf, swim, or sun, Lima and the surrounding coastline of Peru has plenty of beach to offer, from sandy to rocky and everything in between. Lima Peru’s beaches can be found within or directly around the city of Lima, to the south, and to the north.

Beaches in the city of Lima Peru

Within the city itself, Lima Peru beaches have resorts, sandy and rocky coast, and public access to the shore along pretty much all of them! The first of these beaches, and likely the most popular, runs along the Miraflores district. This beach boasts posh country clubs, sandy shoreline, and plenty of activities like surfing, scuba diving, and even parasailing.


A little further south is the district of Barranco, with a calmer beach that is still sandy and very popular in the summer time. This beach also spans the Chorrillos district. South and west of here are the Lima Peru beaches of La Punta and Cantolao, comprising the Callao district. These are stony, though there are still beach and spa resorts in this district of Lima. There are also several islands located nearby, each with its own sights and exciting history.

Beaches North of Lima

Around 40 kilometres (or 25 miles) north of Lima is the beach known as Ancón. It has pristinely calm waters, and this has given rise to its use an anchorage for yacht clubs. It has traditional, elegant architecture surrounding it and is also a great spot for fishing trips. The surrounding metropolitan area is still distinct from Lima, but it has nearly been integrated into the capital city and so it is considered one among many of the Lima Peru beaches you can visit.


This beach is a port of call for sailors, fishermen, scuba divers, yachters, and nearly anyone else looking for ocean-faring activities. There are also archaeological sites near the beach at Ancón. Some of these sites are Incan and even pre-Incan, so anyone visiting this beach should be sure to add a visit to these to their to-do list!


Much farther north of Lima is the city of Mancora, where a number of other fantastic beaches await. This resort town is a short flight away from the capital, and is lined with cafes, restaurants, and beachfront hotels. While it offers everything someone could be looking for in a beach destination, it is quite a distance from the other Lima Peru beaches. As a result, travel considerations should be accounted for before a trip to Mancora goes on your list.


Beaches South of Lima

To the south is where the Lima Peru beaches really start to impress. Running down out of the city is the South Pan-american Freeway, along which there are numerous spectacular ocean spots. The first, around 35km south, are Villa and San Pedro. Both of these Lima Peru beaches are surfing hotspots due to their huge waves and strong currents. Visitors to either Villa or San Pedro should be experienced surfers and swimmers, as the waters can be dangerous for novices.


Next are El Silencio, Señoritas, Caballeros, Pico Alto, and Punta Rocas. These five Peru beaches are all 40-45km south of Lima, and are frequented by young people as well as others of all ages. Beach resorts, restaurants, and bars line the shore all along these stretches of the Peruvian coast. Punta Rocas is a particularly famous surfing beach, as it has hosted the World Qualifying Series surf tournament. These waters, while considered more dangerous than those in the city of Lima, are somewhat safer than at Villa or San Pedro.

Next up are Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra, and San Bartolo. These also run along the highway and have several beach resorts and calmer waters. Some waves here can still be surfed, though, while further south at Santa María and Embajadores the sandy hills diminish the wind and provide the calmest waters of all. These beaches are once again a great site for marinas that include yachts, sailboats, and all manner of watercraft.


A hidden gem for fishing and exploring, Naplo and Pucusana are Lima Peru beaches nestled between the surf spots to the North and the jet-setting posh scene to the south. Running roughly 45-70km South of Lima, these beaches have extremely calm, pristine waters, and are littered with small islands. This makes it the perfect spot for beach and boat fishing, as well as snorkelling and scuba diving.


Last but not least is the Asia area, 90km south of Lima. The highest-end luxury resorts are here, as are some of the best bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and malls at the Sur Plaza Boulevard. This area is also home to private beaches, golf courses, and hotels. There are permanent residences along this beach as well, though many of the attractions are only open during the peak season in the summer time.


Lima, Peru: a beach lover’s dream!

While Peru and its capital city Lima may not be the first places that come to mind as beach destinations, Lima Peru beaches offer up little-known oases to unsuspecting travelers. The fact that they’re not as well-known just means you’ll have them all to yourself! With huge surf just south of the city, near-tropical resort towns a little further south from there and to the far north in Mancora, and ports for every type of traveller, this city’s beach potential should absolutely not be underestimated.


By the way – while you’re visiting all these beautiful Lima Peru beaches, don’t forget to take in the culture, delicious food, rich history, and local nightlife. A trip to Peru simply wouldn’t be complete without a taste of pisco (a local alcoholic beverage), a dinner, and a dance.


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